Large Marijuana Bust In Cincinnati

In a significant bust, the DEA and local Cincinnati, OH law enforcement officials coordinated to make arrests on charges of marijuana trafficking.

According to this report from the Cincinnati Enquirer, federal officials made a bust this past week at a local business netting them 1,000 pounds of marijuana. The bust marks one of several drop points in what the DEA is calling a national drug ring.

The initial movements toward this bust were made with agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration discovered crates possibly containing drugs in commercial shipments in Houston. The crates had several destinations including Atlanta, Toledo, and Cincinnati.

Following the Cinci bound crates, the DEA found them being delivered to a local business, Azteca Stone and Marble on Constitution Drive. On the date of delivery, DEA agents and Butler County Sherriff’s Deputies arrested Kevin Howard after he was seen loading the crates into a white van.

Now being held on federal charges, Howard has the potential of doing some serious time behind bars.

While federal and state drug charges are different and go through a different court system, the results can be potentially life changing no matter who is leading the case against you. For instance, if you are accused of trafficking controlled substances under Ohio state law you could potentially face 1st degree felony charges.

This means you could be serving a life sentence for drug charges.

While this would be extremely rare, it drives home the point that drug charges are something to be taken seriously, very seriously.

Whether you are looking at charges as simple as possession of marijuana or as serious as transporting heroin, you need an experienced defense attorney on your side, working your drug case to the best of their ability.

In most cases, with drug charges, a good deal of the state’s case against you is counting on their physical evidence. How this evidence is handled from the time you encounter the police until you are seated in court is crucial. There are many opportunities for error on the handling of the evidence and the handling of your arrest.

As your attorneys, we will examine all of the factors surrounding your case. Our experienced defense lawyers will analyze each stage of the process to ensure your rights have been and continue to be protected.

If you are facing criminal drug charges in Ohio, call for assistance today.

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