OVI/DUI Second and Subsequent Offenses

If you are facing a second offense drunk driving / OVI charge in Ohio, then the stakes have become much higher. If you have been convicted of a OVI/DUI in the past, you stand to face much harsher penalties for a 2nd or greater offense.

Often, with prior offenses, fighting the case in court makes sense. You are facing a serious license suspension for pleading guilty, so the downside to challenging your case in court may not be great.


And these cases can be won.

Of course, we also help people work out plea arrangements on 2nd offense and greater OVI charges. If you feel you guilty and really regret the actions that led to this latest charge, that may make sense. You are probably wondering how you could have let this happen again.

These charges are frightening to most people. But know that there is help available. Having an experienced DUI defense attorney on your side can relieve much of the stress you feel. It is a great comfort to know that your rights are being protected by someone who knows what they are doing. We have represented people in your situation time and time again. We know what you are up against and want to help you though this.

Call us for a consultation to find out how we can help you in a difficult situation like this.

Ohio OVI Penalties – Second Offense

If you are convicted of a 2nd offense OVI in Ohio, you face the following penalites:

  • 10-180 days jail time
  • $300-$1,500 in fines
  • 1-5 year driver’s license suspension

Ohio OVI Penalties – Third Offense

If you are convicted of a 3rd offense OVI in Ohio, you face the following penalties:

  • 30 days-1 year of jail time
  • $500-$2,500 in fines
  • 2-10 year driver’s license suspension

Ohio OVI Penalties – Fourth Offense

If you are convicted of a 4th offense OVI in Ohio, you face the following penalties:

  • 60 days-1 1/2 years of jail time
  • $750-$10,000 in fines
  • from 3 years to lifetime driver’s license suspension

Many other penalties are also likely, including probation, alcohol education and substance abuse classes, community service, and more.

Ref: ORC 4511.19

**In addition to the above penalties you may face immediate and permanent forfeiture of your vehicle. Once released from jail you will likely be placed on house arrest, particularly if this is your 3rd or greater offense.**

Judges can adjust your sentence depending on a variety of things. They will not only take your criminal history into consideration but also the circumstances surrounding your arrest and your level of intoxication.

Felony OVI Charge

An Ohio OVI is considered a felony offense if you are charged with a 4th offense within the previous 6 year period. Felony convictions typically carry penalties of more than 1 year in prison.

Free Consultation on A 2nd Offense DUI/OVI Arrest in Ohio

In Ohio, DUI/OVI laws are constantly changing, and nearly always for the worse. It is important that you consult with an experienced Ohio DUI attorney to know exactly what you are up against.

You need to be prepared for the option to fight your case, and also to understand the future consequences of a guilty plea and what a drunk driving conviction on your record can mean for your future.

Call for a consultation on your OVI charge today.

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