DWI/OVI First Offense

A drunk driving charge is known as Operating a Vehicle under Influence, or OVI under Ohio criminal law. But no matter what it is referred to as, driving under the influence is a serious charge that can land you in jail and without a driver’s license for a long period of time. When you are facing the Ohio criminal courts and sanctions from the DMV, you need an experienced Ohio DUI defense attorney on your side. Call us for a consultation on your DUI charge today.

A drunk driving / OVI charge is something that can happen to anyone. A few drinks, a broken tail light, and suddenly you’re under arrest, regardless of whether or not you were actually impaired. If a police officer is even suspicious that you could be drunk, they will typically arrest you and sort it out later.


Or maybe you made a mistake and didn’t realized you may have been intoxicated, or simply exercised some bad judgement. You may have been leaving a summertime barbeque or a company Christmas party when you picked up your DUI charge. Chances are you didn’t think you were too intoxicated to drive and the results of your breathalyzer may have surprised you.

Either way, from the time you see the flashing lights in your rear view, to the time you are sentenced; a criminal charge can put a lot of stress on you and your household. We understand the stress you are going through and want to take some of that weight off your shoulders.

We have handled numerous DUI/OVI cases in Ohio and know our way around the Ohio criminal courts. We want to hear about the circumstance surrounding your case.

We are prepared to fight your drunk driving case. Many cases can be beaten in court, and an aggressive defense is always a smart way to go. But if you ultimately want to work out a deal and more on with your life, we understand that too. So in that case, we are always prepared to fight to make sure you get the minimum sentence allowed by the law.

Find out what we can to to help you out of this unpleasant and difficult sitation by calling us for a free DUI defense consultation on any Ohio OVI arrest.

What is DUI/DWI/OVI Under Ohio Drunk Driving Laws?

DUI and DWI are used interchangeable with the legal terms “Operating a Vehicle under the Influence”, or OVI.  You can be charged with and found guilty of OVI by either:

1)      Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or

2)      Being found over the legal limit of blood alcohol content.

There are two ways to be charged with OWI because we all know that some people, even over the legal limit, still seem to operate a vehicle normally. Likewise, someone who is under the legal limit may not be able to control their vehicle in a responsible manner.

How you are sentenced for your DUI in Ohio depends on many factors. The OVI laws in Ohio are very complicated and are always being changed. It is vital that you consult with a qualified attorney to know exactly what types of penalties you may be facing, and how to work out the best deal.

If this is a first DUI/OVI offense you will face:

  • 3-180 days in jail (This means you will serve at least 3 days in jail
  • $200-$1,000 in fines
  • Driver’s license suspension of 6 months to 3 years

There are many additional penalties a judge can impose even for a first offense. These depend on the seriousness and circumstances of your DUI as well as the laws governing it.

There are also some tricking driver’s license issues to work out to make sure any license suspension you may be facing is as short as possible.

So please call us today for a consultation on your Ohio OVI case. We’ll let you know exactly what you are up against, and how we can help you get through it. No obligation.

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