Drug Possession Methamphetamine

Lawmakers and enforcers alike tend to treat meth cases sternly as Methamphetamines continue to be a serious problem, particularly in southern Ohio. When you are charged with possessing meth, you can expect to face some potentially life changing penalties and consequences, even before you have your day in court. Having an aggressive defense lawyer on your side can help you minimize the effects of these charges on your life.

Meth laws are complex and confusing, particularly if you are not used to analyzing and deciphering statutes. This is just one area in which a defense lawyer can help—assisting you to ensure you understand the charges you’re facing and the potential outcomes. They can explain your options and help you make informed decisions regarding your case.


Ohio Methamphetamine Possession – Laws & Penalties

The potential penalty you face for meth possession depends on a variety of factors including: the weight of the meth, the form of the drug, and your criminal history.

Possession of a small amount of meth is considered a Class 5 felony, punishable by up 6 to 12 months in prison. But, the charges can reach up to a Class 1 felony, depending on the amount of the drug. This means, you could serve an entire decade in prison for possessing meth.

OH Meth Possession Legal Defense

Whether you admit the meth was yours or if you maintain your innocence, your defense lawyer can help you craft a potentially effective defense strategy.

This could mean challenging the constitutionality of the search that led to your arrest. If the cops violated your rights, the evidence could be suppressed and the case dismissed. This is because the evidence must be seized in accordance with your rights in order to be admissible in court.

Perhaps, however, the prosecution is depending on an unreliable witness to help gain a conviction. By investigating their integrity and questioning their motives on the stand, your attorney could show a jury that the witness isn’t someone who could be considered reliable.

Plea Agreements

Most criminal cases never make it to trial and are instead resolved in a plea agreement. This means that you agree to admit to some aspect of the charges in exchange for a lenient sentence or reduced charges. Sometimes, defendants accused of meth possession can avoid jail time using a favorable plea bargain.

Ohio Drug Courts

In some jurisdictions, meth possession cases can be handled in one of Ohio’s drug courts. This allows you to avoid jail time but is an intense program that requires strict adherence to set terms. It’s similar to a very stringent form of probation including frequent check-ins with the judge and drug treatment.

When you are accused of possessing methamphetamines, you need someone on your side who knows the laws and is interested in getting you the best results possible. Call to speak with a local Ohio criminal defense lawyer today.

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